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About Beverly Hills Migraine and Pain Management Institute

Beverly Hills Migraine and Pain Management Institute in Northridge and Beverely Hills, California, provides cutting-edge, highly advanced therapeutic interventional procedures  to treat to most complex chronic painful disorders and headaches. Chronic pain physician and headache subspecialist Benjamin Taimoorazy, MD, and the staff at Beverly Hills Migraine and Pain Management Institute are committed to excellent patient care. 

A visit to the practice is not just a visit to a doctor’s office – it’s the start of a journey toward relief from the unrelenting, agonizing pain and suffering. The team implements a multidisciplinary approach to treat the physical, emotional, behavioral, vocational, and social aspects of pain in an effective manner. 

Beverly Hills Migraine and Pain Management Institute offers the most comprehensive therapeutic options for any chronic painful disorders and headaches such as injections and nerve blocks for a variety of conditions, including arthritis, back pain, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, and headaches.

The medical staff guides patients every step of the way, and Beverly Hills Migraine and Pain Management Institute prioritizes patient education in order to clear the confusion and dispel misinformation about health conditions. 

Beverly Hills Migraine and Pain Management Institute aims to decrease the subjective pain experience, increase the general level of activity, decrease drug consumption, and help patients return to employment and optimal quality of life.

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Our goal at the Beverly Hills Migraine and Pain Management Institute is to provide the safest, highest quality of care available in a warm, compassionate environment. Our competent professional staff of nurses, technicians and support personnel works hand in hand with the medical staff to ensure each person’s visit to our clinic is as pleasant and productive as possible. The Beverly Hills Migraine and Pain Management Institute uses an integrated multi-disciplinary team approach to focus on your individual needs. This approach combines patient education and rehabilitation with advanced diagnostic techniques. We are dedicated to helping people lead pain free, healthy lives again. Our commitment to a caring, compassionate patient-physician relationship is one of the keys to our success. The institute offers comprehensive pain management care based on techniques and procedures proven to be safe and effective.

Insurance Information

Beverly Hills Migraine and Pain Management Institute accepts all PPO insurance plans. For questions about your coverage, please call the office.

Aetna PPO
Anthem PPO
Cigna PPO
Humana PPO
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    " Dr T is extremely intelligent, and well spoken and I can tell he cares deeply about his patients and his staff."

    Kevin F.
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    "Dr. Taimoorazy is a consummate professional. He is an expert in his field and he and his staff are responsive, available and very caring."

    Abigail S.
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    "He does an excellent job. His staff is very gentle and responsive to the patients. I highly recommend Doctor Benjamin Taimoorazy!"

    Garnik A.
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    " Dr. Taimoorazy and his staff never fail to treat my daughter with genuine kindness and compassion, and we cannot imagine her care put in the hands of anyone else."

    Beverly W.
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    "What a relief! It's wonderful to be free from lower back pain. He is a kind and caring MD Specialist."

    Amy L.
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    "He has always shown me exactly what he is talking about with his prototypes in the office. I leave clearly understanding what is going on and how to treat it."

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    "Easy access to receptionist for appointments. Everyone is pleasant and extremely knowledgeable."

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