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Patient Testimonials


Migraine sufferer gets her life back

Elle Baharmand, shown with her dog, Fendi, in her Bloomington home, said the reduction of her migraines means not only less pain but improved sleep, less time off work and more time for exercise, travel, socializing and taking Fendi for walks.

Visit the interview on Pantagraph Migraine sufferer gets her life back

Patient 'astonished' by surgery results

Jack Secord takes a walk on Constitution Trail in Bloomington after work on July 21, 2010. Secord walks regularly and said the fascia iliaca pain block helped him to recover from two knee replacement surgeries.

Visit the interview on Pantagraph Patient ‘astonished’ by surgery results

Letter to Guardian Group

Elle Baharmand: After decades of having to deal with Chronic headaches, headaches that kept getting more and more intense and so severe that affected all aspects of my life and seeing dozens of physicians  and specialists only to be given more medications that had scary side effects, then I heard about the new headache clinic that just opened in Feb of 2011.   Since I started seeing Dr. Taimoorazy a few months ago, the frequency of my headaches have been noticeably reduced without taking any of those traditional medications.  The treatments that he offers in his clinic are state of the art and latest in this field and I feel like the quality of my life has changed drastically since then.  His staff are very professional and caring.   I feel very comfortable when I am there getting these treatments.  I have received calls from his office a number of times checking on me to make sure I am headache free.  He is always available and that is a great feeling to know that your physician cares and gives you time and attention that you need when you are in pain.

Thank you Dr. Taimoorazy and staff.

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